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Greenr will bring you more visibility, recognition and new opportunities for collaboration! 

Greenr is a project of the Green European Foundation, a network of tens of green foundations, NGOs and grassroots movements implementing yearly hundreds of green events in Europe. Join Greenr and we will showcase and promote your profile in our wide network of partners!

The platform will enable you to work with partners sharing the same values, ensuring that your work matches your principles.

For young greens, Greenr is a stepping stone towards designing and facilitating green events and building a strong portfolio!


Step 1: Create a profile

To join the Greenr community, you first need to send in your application in the form of a digital profile. When putting together your profile, think of highlighting those experiences and skills which showcase your support of green values, as well as any education and events in which you developed skills around the designs and facilitation of activities with emphasis on participants’ needs. Let us know about your go-to participatory and inclusive methods! 

Step 2: Your application is approved

Your profile will be evaluated by the Greenr Selection Panel on knowledge, skill and experience-related criteria. Have a look here at the composition of our current Selection Panel. Upon approval of your application, you can confirm your 2-year membership in the Greenr Community by paying a solidarity fee between 60-120 EUR. The fee payment will be made via bank transfer. We will provide you the necessary details at that stage. Can’t afford the fee? Let us know, and we’ll try to find support for you!

Have the 2 years passed? We will then invite you to update your profile and re-validate your membership. Every subsequent revalidation will carry a cost of 30 to 60 EUR.

Step 3: Your profile is published

Now your Greenr profile will be displayed on our website, and you will become a member of this long-awaited green community! We will disseminate your profile among our network and connect you with event-organisers who are looking for trainers, consultants and facilitators like you. After every event you’ll be working on, we will update your profile with testimonials and make sure you get the recognition for your great work!

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